We are located in Marda Loop Mercantile, in central Calgary. The Mercantile is a brand new, boutique style, year-round, indoor food market, made up of products from more than a dozen, premium quality farmers market merchants. The address is 3411 - 20 St SW, between 33rd Ave SW and 34th Ave SW, in the heart of Marda Loop. Our new space there is a full production kitchen and retail outlet with space for in-house dining, smack in the middle of the action. Just follow the smell of fresh pies baking and you'll find us. We are no longer operating at our old, Kensington location (shout out to Kensington, we still love you!) but we do still bake scads of the same pies you already know and love from our Kensinton shop. We thank those of you regular pie fans who came out to visit us while we wintered at Market on Macleod, while waiting for this new opportunity to be created. 

Our food philosophy continues to embrace everything pie; our range is sweet, savory and sublime. On our savory menu, for example, we include many of the kinds of pie that people hope and expect to find at any pie place, including a great steak 'n ale pie in traditional pastry crust and a fresh chicken pot pie. We then move on to some offerings for the more adventurous ... slow-smoked BBQ pork on cornmeal crust ... a Boston chowder pie that features mashed potato crust as well as clams, bacon and potatoes (akin to a great chowder) .... and a turkey dinner pie. Our version is a rosemary-and-sage-stuffing crust filled with turkey, gravy and veggies, topped with mashed potatoes, served with a side of fresh cranberry relish. We even have a mac and cheese pie topped with bacon lattice.

Everything is made from scratch with the best ingredients possible, be it pie crust, creamy custard or fresh fruit filling. (And we are best friends with butter and cream!) We are all about fresh and seasonal. No cans, no pre-fab, no preservatives. Our oh-so-clever kitchen team does everything right, from butchering proteins to crafting the perfect barbecue sauce and salad dressing. 

Sweet pie offerings include an ultimate apple, lemon meringue, luscious lime, banana cream and perfect pecan. These half a dozen or so are standards that can be found daily and we add seasonal flavors that change all the time. There are so many pies we can't wait to give them all a turn as a featured special, but we focus on using whatever ingredients are very best at the moment. If you do crave a specific sort of pie please do not hesitate to tell us. We compile a list of those requests and will happily let you know when the pie of your dreams is being offered.

Our third category of pies is called 'sublime.' We define these as over-the-top inventions with unusual flavors, generously sized. Our most popular one is called Marshmallow Mermaid! Others have been Flapper Pie, Banana Split Pie and Happy Birthday Pie. In addition to crafting pies and more pies, we regularly churn out things like pie pops, quiches, hand pies, tarts, pie-cakens, mini pie-cakens and pie ice cream sandwiches, as well as small baked goods like colorful meringues and yummy cookies and squares.


The new location of Pie Cloud is a bakery market stall within a great little farmers market. This means that at present we are not offering the old-fashioned diner items that we served, in addition to pies, at our full restaurant. (Sorry!) But every one of your favorite pies can still be found at our new place. You can buy them hot and ready to eat, refrigerated for heating later at home or work, and you can even find some in frozen format for at home stocking up. We're still doing a few of our side dishes at the market, because a little soup, slaw or salad balances out all that pie. We continue to make pies in individual sizes and sell pie by the slice, as well as now making even many more hefty, family-sized, savory pies and quiches.


While you may miss our old location, the new one provides fresh and exciting pie opportunities (can we make up a word for that, like pie-portunities?)  You can meet up with family and friends and have a leisurely lunch (or just pie and coffee) in Marda Loop Mercantile's lovely, indoor, licensed dining area. You can not only buy our pies, but also get some of your other shopping done when you drop by because there is a great array of fresh and local ingredients as well as other prepared foods to find in house.  If you're on the run, you can quickly grab a hot lunch to take to work, home or lessons, or conveniently pick up dinner for later that night, or even tomorrow night. Our new location has the generous amount of free parking right out our door that so many of you asked for. And don't forget, our giant sweet pies are still awe-inspiring, premium pastries, perfect for any special occasions, birthdays, dinner parties, office treat days, or urgent sugar requirements you may have. 

We will be open market hours, Wednesday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm, 10 to 4 on Sundays, closed Monday and Tuesday. Because we are nice and centrally located now, as well as having ample seating for dining in, we're also doing full take-out service of all menu items. All our individual savory pies are still a hearty serving size, served with or without choice of side dish. Many of our savory pie flavors are also now available in huge, family-meal sized pans, which we suggest you may order in advance if you want a particular flavor. Sweet pies are individual slices or our generous 10 " whole pies, in re-usable, keepsake pie tins that are embossed with our logo. Whole pies served in-house are cut into just 6 large slices, but if you are buying one for sharing at home or work it may be served as 8 pieces (depending upon exactly how much you like your family and friends!)

Pie Cloud is a family business committed to great quality and customer satisfaction. Although we like to keep things light and cheerful around the shop, please know that we most sincerely appreciate your business (especially in the current economy!) no matter how small your purchase may be, and we want you to visit us again and feel confident referring friends to us. If you are for any reason unhappy with the service or products you receive from us, please contact Maureen DePatie, Pie Cloud owner, to discuss your concerns. As there is already enough negativity in the world (especially on the internet) please be sure to contact us directly, by whatever format you are most comfortable with (personal visit, phone call or email)  if you'd like to discuss anything at all.  We want our food to exceed your expectations and we welcome any feedback you may wish to give. Every small business strives to please their guests and will resolve matters to your satisfaction, if given appropriate opportunity.  We feel society currently encourages people to anonymously say negative comments or play food critic without allowing businesses a chance to truly provide customer satisfaction,  necessary explanation and appropriate resolution. Purchasing food from a home-style business should be an extremely positive experience and we will always try our best to make you feel delighted that you visited.


It is important to note that because we are a small business, not every product may be available all the time. We are a small batch bakery so we strongly encourage you to advance order, especially should you need a certain product on a particular day. Our regular menu as well as a few special sweet and savory pies are produced daily, and are for sale first come, first served, until sold out. You may phone or email us to check on stock last minute or to place an order. Your order is not complete until you have been contacted back and your order is confirmed by Pie Cloud staff. This website contains our regular menu, but please consult social media for our most current stock situation and a few fanciful flavor updates. As always, we look forward to baking for you and visiting with you soon! 

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