Christmas Season 101
                                    at Pie Cloud
We're crazy about holidays at Pie Cloud. Those of you who know us are aware we welcome every opportunity to celebrate seasons, special occasions and events. We're known for regularly embellishing our space, top to bottom, with a beautiful array of decorations, as well embracing whatever flavors and ingredients are at their finest at a given time of year, and utilizing them in new culinary creations. This Christmas we are bringing back a couple of items that have become Pie Cloud classics (like our family-sized turkey dinner pie) as well as introducing a few new pies . Our large, savory pies are designed to take some the stress out of holiday entertaining and be the basis of a great dinner party. Our new sweet pies for the season are inspired by some of our favorite Christmas flavors, like candy cane, cranberry, of course, chocolate. Should you visit us at the new Marda Loop Mercantile market during the holiday season, some of these additional, seasonal sweet pies will be in stock daily, as well as our regular menu. We like to suggest following us on some form of social media (facebook, twitter or instagram) to keep abreast of what pies are in stock on what days, in case there is a particular one you want to pop in and try. As always, we do strongly suggest placing an advance order if you need a certain pie on a specific day, be it slices or a whole pie you are after. We are a small batch bakery making items fresh daily, and not all seasonal items will be present at the same time or guaranteed to be in stock unless you make advance arrangements. Family size savory pies are typically only available via advance order.
Merry Christmas from all of us here at Pie Cloud, and most sincere thanks for your support during the past year! We are especially appreciative of all of you who have expressed how anxious you are to come visit us at our new home in Marda Loop. Luckily, we will be open just in time to serve you up some food for your holiday gatherings. So many of you tell us how much our product means to you. We are honored that you have made us part of your lives. We wish you all the very best of the holiday season, however you wish to celebrate it.  

Turkey Dinner Pie FAQ

What is it?

The turkey dinner pie is a very large, family-sized version of our best-selling

menu item at Pie Cloud. It is a giant pot pie that features a pie crust made

out of our rosemary-and-sage stuffing; it’s filled with fresh roast turkey,

gravy and vegetables; and, it’s crowned with dollops of mashed potatoes.

It comes with a side of our famous cranberry relish, in separate container.

Is it economical?

Yes.  One 10” turkey dinner pie comfortably feeds 6 adults, or 4

very, very hungry adults. Price is $49 per pie (less than what many a decent-

sized turkey alone can cost!) It is very easy to cut and serve, akin to regular

pie, as the mashed potato quenelles on top of the pie create 6 natural portions.

Won't my family and friends think a turkey dinner pie is less satisfying than

a traditional dinner?

No. While it is unconventional to have everything in one pan, you really don’t

have to cook all day to dine on all the flavors that a delicious, traditional turkey

dinner entails. Many of our guests from last Thanksgiving and Christmases past

who purchased this item went out of their way to contact us post-holiday and

tell us how the turkey dinner pie was better than — or easily equivalent to —

the food they would have typically prepared themselves, at tremendous time

and expense.


Do I need to heat it?

The turkey dinner pie you receive from us is freshly made for you moments before pick-up and fully cooked. It can be eaten immediately with a bit of heating, or refrigerated and then re-heated later (about 60 minutes in a 350 degree oven or until hot in the middle, or 165 if you like to cook with a thermometer.) If the pie crust begins to brown more than you desire while re-heating it, please tent the pie with foil until it reaches the desired temperature. It’s equally tasty, whether you eat it as soon as you get it or whether you re-heat it and serve it hours later. It may also be wrapped and frozen, then thawed and heated at a later date, although the potatoes on top do lose a bit of moisture when frozen. We do not sell the pies in uncooked or frozen format as we only present our customers with products that are completely dinner-table perfect and fresh.


Can I really skip all the fuss of Christmas cooking?

Yes. It’s not cheating to have us do the work for you; and, you don’t need to feel guilty. Many of our guests who purchased the turkey dinner pie last Thanksgiving ordered it again for Christmas.


What other savory items or side dishes do you suggest for a holiday meal?

You’re likely the best person to predict how much food you need and to know exactly how and what your family and friends like to eat. The Turkey Dinner Pie is an entire meal unto itself (it includes your stuffing, turkey, gravy, vegetables and mashed potatoes all in one pan, with a side of separately packaged cranberry relish.) Many people, however, are interested in additional, accompanying dishes.  Some of our customers, for example, have holiday guests who like to eat an extra-large amount of a particular component of a turkey dinner, and thus chose to purchase additional sides of those items. You may purchase extra gravy, mashed potatoes or cranberry relish, if desire.  If you’d like to add more items to your Thanksgiving meal for extra variety and color, please consult our list of Side Dishes for further ideas.


What if one of my dinner guests eats gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan?

Special dietary restrictions can be readily accommodated. Although we do not modify our family-sized Turkey Dinner Pie, you can purchase an additional, single-serving pot pie that easily complies with most specialized eating plans. Gluten-free diners tend to enjoy a Chicken Pot Pie that is made with a shredded potato crust, while vegetarian and vegan guests most frequently dine upon our Roasted Vegetable Pie, that features a flaky pastry and creamy sauce, making it hearty (like a chicken pot pie), but completely meat and dairy free.  We can also do a single-sized version of our Turkey Dinner Pie in gluten-free format; it sits upon a shredded potato bottom crust instead of our signature stuffing crust. Our Boston Chowder Pie also features a gluten-free potato crust and is highly popular.  We are introducing a new vegetarian pot pie this season that can be made vegan, if pastry crust is substituted with potato crust. At this time, we unfortunately do not offer a vegan sweet pie as most of our techniques and flavors are classically French. 

Holiday Take Out Menu


Family Size Savory Pies

Turkey Dinner Pie with Cranberry Relish (feeds 6 people; $49):

Roast turkey and vegetables in gravy, resting in a rosemary-sage stuffing pie crust, topped with mashed potatoes.

Comes with a 6 oz. side of cranberry relish in separate container.

Tourtière ($49): Minced beef and pork and traditional French Canadian seasonings are cradled is layers of

tender, flaky pastry to form this traditional Christmas entree. 

Artichoke and Mushroom Pie (Vegetarian; $39): Artichokes, mushrooms, leeks, spinach and goat cheese are combined and encased in flaky pastry for a unique and satisfying, vegetarian pot pie.

Side Dishes

Please note that 8 and 12 ounce side dishes typically provide anywhere from 2 to 4 normal-sized vegetable servings per container.

Mashed Potatoes ($6.95 per 12 ounce container)

Turkey Gravy ($4.95 per 8 ounce container)

Cranberry Relish ($5.95 per 8 ounce container) 

Roasted Vegetables ($8.95 per 12 ounce container): features a mix of slow-roasted seasonal veggies, including butternut squash, sweet potatoes, parsnips, onions etc.

Garden Salad ($6.95 per 12 ounce container): features a mix of the season’s finest greens, along with grape tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and crisp, pickled golden beets. Comes with your choice of house-made dressing, either seasonal vinaigrette or creamy garlic.

Seasonal Salad ($7.95 per 12 ounce container): features a mix of hearty greens, along with roasted root vegetables, red onion, goat cheese and pumpkin seeds. Comes with a maple and Dijon vinaigrette. 

Coleslaw ($4 per 8 ounce container): features a rainbow of cabbage and veggies, tossed with our signature tangy, creamy dressing


Christmas Desserts & Assorted Sweets


All of our signature pies featured on our regular menu are also available for holiday purchase, in addition to the seasonal flavors listed below. An assortment of small baked goods is also available for sale, via advance reservation or grab’n’go in store, until sold out. We suggest you advance order anything you know you want with certainty for your holiday gathering.

We are pleased to present a special, limited edition selection of pies:


Special Sweet Pies for Christmas

Cranberry-Apple Pie: ($33) Festive red colored, this plump, tart and sweet, cranberry-and-apple filled pie in traditional pastry base.

Chocolate & Candy Cane Pie: ($33) Chocolate cookie crust filled with rich, minty, chocolate pastry cream, topped with clouds of whipped cream and candy shards.

Spiced Pear & Frangipane Pie: ($33) Fresh pears and a layer of frangipane (akin to a Bakewell Tart) enhanced with just the right hint of Christmas spice, inside a flaky pastry shell.

Winter Cranberry Meringue Cloud: ($33) Boasting billowy mounds of snowy meringue this pie starts with a flaky pastry piecrust, is topped with a layer of cranberry gelee, followed by an abundance of sweet, pink cranberry curd, and is garnished with frost-kissed, sugared cranberries. It is more sweet than tart, so if you wish to embrace the more tangy nature of cranberry, please  instead order the cranberry-apple pie.

All of our sweet pies come in our custom, 10" pie pans. When serving them, we cut pies into 6 generous slices, but we believe that when serving them at home or work you can easily feed 8 to 10 people with one pie.





6 Pies of Christmas Sampler Set (69.95) We know that some avid pie fans will want to taste all of the new flavors we've created, plus don't want to miss out on a couple of their regular menu favorites at the same time, so we've made a smaller, sampler set of these items. The size of our normal, single serving, pot pie entree  (6" across and about 3" high) is the pan size of Christmas Sampler sweet pies. Each set features a perfect miniature version of each and every pie from the Christmas selection, as well as two choices from the regular menu (we suggest adding pecan and apple to round out the variety of tastes and textures in the assortment!) These pies would be great as a small dessert buffet, or the right sweet to offer with wine when you have a few friends in, or, they'd be great on office treat day. We estimate 4 sample-sized servings per small sweet pie, and that an average person would likely be able to taste 3 or so flavors, so they'd feed somewhere from 3 to 6 dessert fans (depending, of course, upon appetite and sweet tooth!). Please note these smaller pies are available only as a complete set, and are not available for individual sale due to the complexity of preparing so many individual flavors. Thank you.  

Cranberry Meringue