We love to talk about pies (and all our other grub!) and are happy to answer any questions you have. You may call us at (403) 813-6747 or drop by to chat during normal business hours. Here are answers to a few of the questions we are asked most frequently ....


What kind of pies do you have?

We bake a diverse selection of pies every day. There are sweet, savory and sublime categories of pies, with something sure to suit every pie craving. Sweet pies baked daily cover many classic flavors and then we add extra flavors that reflect the season, the best produce at that time, and pies that are some crazy concoction we have dreamed up. Savory pies also cover traditional flavors, like chicken pot pie and steak and ale, as well as more adventurous options like slow-smoked barbecue pork pie and macaroni and cheese pie with bacon lattice on it! 

What sweet pies do you have? 

The sweet pies listed on our current menu are available every day, unless sold out. Additionally, we supplement that list with seasonally appropriate flavors and fun creations. We do not typically announce these special flavors in advance or list them on a calendar because we strive to create the best pies possible. If we committed to making a certain additional flavor on a specific day, and then the ingredients arrived and were not pie-worthy, we might feel forced to produce an inferior product because customers were counting on that flavor being available. We find our guests enjoy our pie surprises and look forward to seeing what we've dreamed up for them on a daily basis, be it an old-fashioned, prairie classic like flapper pie, or a gourmet, fresh-roasted peach ice cream pie on anise biscotti crust. Please feel free to call and ask about extra pie flavors available, or follow us on the social media of your choice (facebook, instagram or twitter) where we quite regularly reveal additional flavors and new pie inventions. 

Do you sell whole pies?

Yes. Our full sweet pies are sold in large, re-useable pans that you get to keep, and are approximately ten inches in diameter. In the restaurant, if you purchase a slice of pie it is a sixth of one of these large pans. At home or work though, if you are sharing one of our pies with friends or family, you will likely find you can very comfortably serve 8 people or more with one pie. Full sweet pies cost $28 to $35 plus tax, depending upon flavor. While this may seem like a high price for a pie, please note that something like our lime or lemon pie can contain the juice and zest of a dozen or more pieces of fruit. Many of our fruit pies weigh over 3 lbs, and those of you who regularly bake know that butter, sugar and other quality essentials of a truly great pastry product are genuinely expensive. Our pies are hand crafted products made by professionals, and are very different from bargain or mass produced pies. Our guests purchase whole pies for a variety of purposes including office treat days, hostess gifts, pot luck contributions, promotional events, birthday celebrations (in lieu of cake or cupcakes) and as dessert for Sunday dinners, holidays and special occasions.


Do you sell pies by the slice?

Yes. As mentioned in the last paragraph, all our sweet slices are a sixth of a pie, a generous size. You can purchase slices for dining in or take out.  We are located in a fairly large establishment so there is almost always room for your to stop by and have a relaxed break here with coffee or tea and a piece of pie if you are visiting the Kingsland neighborhood or passing through from downtown. If you are eager to try a number of different flavors of pie we suggest you follow us on social media and watch for the days we advertise a pie sale or pie happy hour, with reduced prices on sweet slices. These sales allow people to sample more than one kind of pie and satisfy their curiosity, and their sweet tooth, on a budget. Due to the fact we are a small batch bakery, not all flavors may be available by the slice every day, but we do try to offer a variety. We would hate to cut up every flavor pie in the display case for just a piece or two and then have the remainder of those pies go to waste that day, so we do alternate flavors available by the slice, at our discretion. 

What are the savory pies like?

Our savory pies are baked early every day and sitting ready for you to drop in and have heated to eat right away, or, you may take them home chilled or frozen for use later. All flavors of savory pie are available in individual serving size, made for one person, in a pan that is about 6 inches across and about 4 or 5 inches tall when filled. Compare these in size to a large burger, if you are trying to visualize them, except that they are likely more satisfying than most burgers. Savory pies can come with your choice of side dish if you wish (coleslaw, garden salad or soup of the day) again, all made fresh, in-house. 

Do you do take-out? Should I call and order before I get there?

Our entire menu is available for take-out in deli-style format, for heating at home. If you are in a rush, we suggest calling in advance (403) 813-6747 and we will start assembling your order before you get here and have everything ready for you when you arrive.


Do I need to advance order sweet pies?

We discussed advance ordering of take-out food in last paragraph. For sweet pie orders, you can also drop in spontaneously and purchase whatever flavor of pie you want from among available stock on any given day. If, however, you want a particular flavor of pie on a certain day, we absolutely suggest advance ordering. If you do not  book a pie in advance of purchase the kind you want may be unavailable or sold out. Sometimes even phoning ahead by a few hours can determine if you get the pie flavor you want, as they do sell quickly. We want everyone to get exactly the pie they want, when they want it, so we do ask you to book ahead as much as possible. If you are , however, wishing to pick up a pie last minute, please stop by and we are happy to find you the most delicious option possible from among current stock.


Do you have gluten-free pies?

Yes. We bake our 'Sweet Addiction' flavor of sweet pie in a gluten-free format. We do also occasionally bake other flavors gluten-free. To find out if other flavors are available gluten-free we suggest watching Pie Cloud's social media for daily flavor availability. For special pie days, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, we may stock numerous gluten-free options.

We do not regularly make a large volume of sweet, gluten-free pies because there is limited demand for them and they are quite expensive to make. It makes us sad to throw out unsold gluten-free product, so we make only what we estimate will be needed on a given day. 

Please note we strongly recommend advance ordering of full gluten-free pies. We suggest you even give us a quick call and reserve a slice or two if you know you are coming in, in order that we may hold onto some product for you. We are able to produce gluten-free savory pies with adequate notice.

Please note that we are a traditional bakery though and do use flour on site. We are not a specialized gluten-free facility. While we take every precaution to prevent cross contamination, flour does exist in our air here in trace amounts and is regularly used in our kitchen.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions and allergies?

Gluten-free dining has been addressed in the previous paragraph and we make every effort to provide safe and delicious food for those with any food sensitivities, allergies or special dietary requirements.

Peanuts and other nuts

We very rarely use any peanuts or peanut products in house. That said, it is important to note we cannot guarantee that food stuffs we bring in have not been in contact with any variety of nuts during transport or storage prior to arriving in our kitchen. We do regularly use pecans in our baking and occasionally use hazelnuts. 

Vegetarians and vegans

For those who are select about animal proteins, our daily quiche and freshly made soups are most frequently vegetarian (and the soups are sometimes vegan) so please discuss them thoroughly when you are here. We offer a hearty, vegan, root vegetable pot pie. We occasionally make a vegan sweet pie. Please consult our social media for daily additional flavors or call us to check if a sweet, vegan pie is on hand on a certain day.

Dairy products

We occasionally make sweet pies that are totally dairy free, but several flavors of fruit pies are available dairy free by special order. Please be sure to specify whether you require all dairy omitted, special dairy items, and eggs. Pies are produced differently depending upon what you need omitted or included.

In terms of avoiding eggs, pies that are custard or curd have a significant amount of egg in them. Fruit pies have a light egg wash on the pastry before baking so they are not totally egg-free, but can be made so via special order. 

Cooking and heating instructions

If you have purchased savory pot pies from us and are ready to heat and eat them, we suggest using a conventional oven set to 350 degrees. A small pot pie takes about 15 minutes to heat, while a large, family-sized pot pie can take about 45 minutes to an hour. These times are approximate and we do suggest checking your pies regularly while they are heating as all fridges and ovens are different. Every part of our savory pies is already cooked, so all you need to do is heat the pot pies to the temperature you wish to eat them at. We suggest an internal temp of 170 degrees, or very hot to the touch. You may also microwave your pot pie, but you will first need to remove it from the foil pan and you will find that the buttery pastry breaks down a bit during heating and the end result is less perfect than the result from heating it in a regular oven. Many of our busy guests on the run, using microwave ovens at work,  do, however, report very successful results from microwaving their savory pies. You may heat a pot pie from frozen state, but heating times will be significantly longer, nearly double the previously suggested times. The optimum way to consume a frozen pot pie is to first thaw it in the fridge overnight, then heat it in the oven the next day, as detailed above. While it is nice to achieve some additional browning and golden color during heating, if exterior crusts or potato toppings start to brown too much and the internal temperature has not yet reached the warmth you desire and food safe temperature, we suggest tenting the pie in foil so that the interior will continue to heat without the exterior over-baking.

If you have a sweet pie and wish to serve it warm, we suggest placing it in a conventional oven at 350 degrees until it reaches the desired temperature. Heating a full size apple pie that has just come out of your fridge would take 20 to 30 minutes, but ovens and fridges are all different so please keep a close eye on your product and check it regularly when re-heating. Please note that re-heating of sweet pies is only suitable for a couple of flavors, like sturdy fruit pies. Custards, curds and creams will all melt when heated, and pecan and sweet addiction flavors will become overly gooey if heated and will no longer slice appropriately.