Please note that our new location is not a full table service venue (it is not a sit down restaurant) and is only a bakery kiosk within a boutique farmers market. This means that the savory pie menu here is provided for the purposes of ordering for take out, and later heating of pies at home. This casual, market location does, however, provide adequate space for having a pleasant slice of sweet pie and coffee.

Additionally, we are on Best of Calgary Foods home delivery service, so that you may enjoy our pies without leaving home. 



Additional, special pie flavors and other featured items may also be available.

Please check our social media for current details.

Savory Pies:

Steak ‘n Ale Pie          9

Beef, potatoes, barley, onions and mushrooms in stout gravy, surrounded by traditional pot pie pastry

Classic Chicken Pot Pie          9

Chicken, peas, carrots, and onion in creamy sauce, encased in flaky pastry 

BBQ Pork Pie          9

Slow-smoked pork tossed with barbecue sauce, resting on cornmeal crust, topped with mashed potatoes


Turkey Dinner Pie         9

Roasted turkey and veg in gravy on a sage-and-rosemary-stuffing piecrust, crowned with mashed potatoes and served with cranberry relish


Roasted Vegetable Pie          9    (vegan)

Season’s best hearty veggies roasted, then set in creamy sauce, enrobed in flaky pastry


Boston Chowder         9    (gluten-free)

Clams, bacon and veg in creamy sauce on a shredded potato piecrust, rounded off with more potato on top


Mac and Cheese Pie          9    (regular or vegetarian)

Macaroni in cheesy sauce on a pastry base, baked golden, finished with a buttered bread crumb and cheese topping and garnished with bacon lattice. (or, can be prepared vegetarian, without bacon lid)

Shepherd's Pie          9

In pastry base is ground beef in a rich tomato and beef gravy, mixed with some peas and corn and topped with golden mashed potatoes

Quiche of the Day          9

Pastry filled with traditional egg custard and assorted flavorful fillings that change daily

Savory pies also available in our large, 10 inch pie pans, perfect for dinner parties and family dinners. Please advance order this size 48 hours prior to pick up. Some flavors in 10" size also occasionally available in store until sold out.

SWEET PIES by the slice:

Ultimate Apple         7       Inside traditional, flaky pastry sits mounds of thinly sliced apples, kissed by cinnamon and sugar


Lemon Meringue Pie     7       Tangy lemon curd tops flaky pastry, with delicate peaks of meringue above


Pecan Pie       7    Whole pecans soaked in a butter, brown sugar and molasses mix, resting upon buttery pastry base

Banana Cream Pie      7    Tender pastry, topped with creamy banana custard and fresh banana slices, graced with oodles of fresh whipped cream on top


Luscious Lime Pie     7     Tart and creamy lime concoction sits atop a gingersnap crumb crust, with a whipped cream flounce on top


Marshmallow Mermaid Pie    8    Sweet, light orange curd flavored with the zing of Blue Curacao, resting on a graham crust spiked with orange zest and heaped with a marshmallow cloud topping

Plus seasonal selections


 Assorted, vintage-style, soda pop from Grizzly Paw 3.50

Whole SWEET PIES:   31 each (Feeds 6 or more people)

Whole SAVORY PIES:   49 each  (Amply feeds four to six people)