Chocolate Cherry Pie

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Valentine's Day Menu

Strawberry & Champagne Pie   $38     Originally created for a romantic couple as the

feature pie for their wedding (champagne and strawberries are their date night treat!) we're now

sharing this sumptuous flavor with you on Valentine's Day. Please note, it does contain a fairly

high amount of alcohol that may not all cook off during the pie-making process.

Traditional tart pastry filled with white chocolate and sparkling vino mousse, topped with fresh


Valentine Cherry Pie $33     Dark, sweet cherries baked into flaky pastry,

with a flourish of pastry hearts running around the top edge of the pie

Chocolate Cherry Pie  $33     Chocolate cookie crust, filled with  dark chocolate ganache,

followed by a layer of cherry, garnished with swirls of whipped cream and chocolate shavings

Hot Chocolate Pie  $33    Lush, dark chocolate ganache fills a flaky pastry shell, topped with lightly toasted marshmallow meringue

Chocolate Cream Pie  $33   Upon a chocolate cookie crust rests chocolate pastry cream, topped with whipping cream and chocolate shavings

Ultimate Apple Pie             Inside traditional, flaky pastry sits mounds of thinly sliced apples, kissed by cinnamon and sugar


Lemon Meringue Pie     $31       Tangy lemon curd tops flaky pastry, with delicate peaks of meringue above


Pecan Pie     $31      Whole pecans soaked in a southern bourbon, butter, brown sugar and molasses mix, resting upon buttery pastry base


Sweet Addiction Pie    $31      Based on old-school chess pie, a re-invented butter and brown sugar caramel rests gently on an oatmeal cookie crust   (gluten-free)

Banana Cream Pie   $31       Tender pastry, topped with creamy banana custard and fresh banana slices, graced with oodles of fresh whipped cream on top

Luscious Lime Pie   $31      Tart and creamy lime concoction sits atop a gingersnap crumb crust, with a whipped cream flounce on top


Marshmallow Mermaid Pie        Sweet, light orange curd flavored with the zing of Blue Curacao, resting on a graham crust spiked with orange zest and heaped with a marshmallow cloud topping

Valentine Pie Sampler $49 Four 6" diameter, personal pies, just the right size for two forks to share, are included together in this curated pie collection. Includes one each of Strawberry Champagne Pie, Chocolate Cherry Pie, Cherry Pie with pastry hearts and Chocolate Cream. Alternately, you may also order this sampler with traditional pastry and fruit fillings (Apple, Blueberry, Peach and Cherry) rather than the Valentine flavors.

Although we are typically open only on market days (Thursday through Sunday) we will also be open on Valentine's Day, Wednesday, February 14, for pick up of the special items you order for your loved ones. 

Hot Chocolate Pie
Valentine Cherry Pie
Strawberry & Champagne Pie
Assorted Valentine Hand Pies